COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo 12-in-1

This toaster oven has a huge range of functions and really earns its spot on the counter. With 12 different preset modes, it’s easy to adjust settings for whatever is up for dinner. It acts as a toaster, oven, air fryer, dehydrator, and more. Easily one of the favorite kitchen appliances we’ve tested to date.

Cosori Design

The Cosori toaster oven has a wide rectangular body with a stainless steel shell and a double-layer glass door with a wide bar handle for easy access into the oven.

A digital screen on the left of the oven makes it easy to see current settings or change settings as needed.

Inside the oven, there are four heating elements that use conventional heat to evenly distribute the hot air around the food, for more even cooking.

There are also three removable and repositionable metal cooking racks. If you have a large item, like a bone-in rotisserie chicken, you will likely need to take two of the racks out and only cook on one rack.

Size & Dimensions

The Cosori toaster oven is not small by any stretch of the word, but in comparison, it is designed to replace a traditional oven and it’s much smaller than that.

A little on the hefty side, the Cosori toaster oven weighs 20.6 pounds, but this feels like a really quality appliance. You don’t move a toaster over around in the same way you may move a compact toaster so the heavier weight really isn’t a huge factor, in my opinion.

Accessories & Parts

The Cosori toaster oven comes with a nice selection of accessories to help customize your cooking experience, as needed.

The rotisserie attachments is certainly something that sets the Cosori apart from a traditional oven. This attachment makes it easy to cook a rotisserie chicken and is able to crisp up all sides of the bird as it suspends it in the air.

Cosori Toaster Oven Performance

To test the performance of the Cosori toaster oven, we ran a series of cooking rounds in our at-home kitchen to see how it would perform.

The result of this test was as you would expect, a toasted bagel. Overall I was happy with this mode. It worked quickly without needing to be preheated, but I will add that it took longer than it would have had I put it in a traditional toaster.

We also ran a quick melt test to see how evenly it could melt the cheese on an open-faced grilled cheese. For this test, I put the toaster oven on “Toast” mode with the following presets:

After the time was up, the cheese was well melted and ready to eat.

Lastly, we cooked up some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We opted to use our own baking dish instead of the provided “food tray” to have easier cleanup.

This chicken breast cooked in about 38 minutes in the Cosori toaster oven at around 350°.

When I cook this same chicken in our traditional oven it takes about 50-60 minutes so in this case, the Cosori cooked the meat faster. It was also quite moist. I think the convection fan distributing the air really helped to cook the chicken evenly.

Setup & Usability

Getting started with the Cosori toaster oven was quick and easy. Upon unboxing, we washed up the trays and racks, installed the appropriate accessories, and plugged it in.

Is the Cosori toaster oven a good value?

Overall, I would say that the Cosori toaster over is an excellent value. It preheats quickly and has a wide range of functions and presets. For making quick lunches or dinners for a small family, this toaster oven should be more that sufficient.

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